Converting to PCPartpicker

Converting to PCPartpicker

Wow, I can't believe how convenient this is. I'm in the middle of converting all by recent Haswell buy recommendations into PCPartpicker lists so it is easy to replicate. Thanks so much whoever made this incredible site with:

  • Compatibility checking. You just pick things and you are much more sure everything will fit. I don't know if they do coolers correctly but that would be amazing. They certainly measure vertical height, but don't know if they measure interference horizontally. They are also looking at GPU and Power Supply height!
  • Price checking. They include Amazon, Newegg and a host of others. To do the actual buy, you should use, and various reward sites to get maximum bargains, but I'm betting their revenue model is probably associate fees.

  • Build publishing and saving. The most valuable thing for me, it keeps things up to date with nice links.

  • Price histories so you can see when not to buy on a spike

The only things missing are:

  • Figure out the actual volume for cases. They give HxWxD, but you can't sort on it as small is beautiful. So that's some manual math still. Nice to know that cubic liters is 61x less almost exactly than cubic inches 🙂

  • Figure out how noisy or quiet. Would be nice if some figures of merit where there for power supplies, chassis fans and coolers. But I can use to know what the quiet ones are.

  • Ties to review sites like anandtech or toms hardware to look at which one gets a good rating, but the links to newegg are really nearly as useful as they don't include performance data, but you get a sense of reliability.

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