It sure is complicated figuring out which sites have the best price with complex discount and other structures:
Appleinsider is a good place to start with very reputable vendors and it shows that for a MacBook Pro Retina that the prices have tightened up a bit. We got our last one for $2450 or so, so post Christmas the price is up about $100:

2.5GHz 15″ (16GB, 512GB, 750M) Apple $2,848.00
MacMall $2,698.99*
Adorama $2,549.04!

Doing a little more shopping Rakuten has one from click and cool which has some good rating, although I’ve never used them for $2340 plus $69 for three years of AppleCare from Adorama. So that’s pretty close if you feel ok about Click, Go and Buy (from NJ). 
The bad news is that they have a bad reviews on 
On Rakuten itself, the last five reviews are terrible although previous ones were decent.
Datavis is about $100 more but better reviews and is still a little lower than Adorama, but caveat emptor!

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