Got a great kit from makesmith as part of my Kickstarter addiction. It’s a do it yourself CNC machine. You just need a dremel and it can cut nearly any soft material. But you need to supply your own Dremel. Popular Mechanics has a good review of what is technically called a rotary tool:

  • Dremel 4200. $130. 5/5. Expensive but worth it and variant, the 4000-6/50 is the best seller in rotary power tools. The code means model 4000 with 6 attachment and 50 bits. The 4200 is slightly cheaper and has a holiday promotion at Amazon which is $20 if you buy $125 from Amazon directly. The main difference is the 4200 is Easy changer but Amazon folks report it doesn’t work well in practice. And the 8000 series is cordless
  • Proxxon 38481. $119. 4.5/5. Why not get a Dremel 🙂
  • Black & Decker RTX-6. $35. 4/5 starts. Main issue is that it has 3 fixed speeds and isn’t infinitely variable.
  • Chicago Electric 68696. 4/5. $22. Wow now that is cheap and a value leader.
  • Craftsman 32960. 3.5/5. $40.
  • Kawasaki 84059. 3.5/5. $48.

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