MythTV 0.27 on MacPorts using HDHomeRun Prime and schedules direct

MythTV 0.27 on MacPorts using HDHomeRun Prime and schedules direct

Trying to build this. We used 0.25 for a long time, but this is now obsolete. And the RAID0 drives were showing problems, so went to a complete rebuild with MythTV with MacPorts. It now uses mariadb instead of mysql.
So onto running setup for Mac MythTV isn't the same as the MacPorts setup and isn't quite right as it assumes /opt/dvr but MacPorts puts it in /opt/local, so here are the changes and the most important thing is that the mariadb so it needs a different path and mysql so we had to add mariadb to the path and then change from /opt/dvr to /opt/local for the rest

echo "export PATH="/opt/local/lib/mariadb/bin:$PATH" &gt;&gt; ~/.profile source ~/.profile sudo -u <em>mysql mysqlinstall</em>db sudo cp /opt/local/share/mythtv/database/my.cnf /opt/local/etc/mariadb sudo launchctl load -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/org.macports.mariadb-server.plist mysql -u root &lt; /opt/local/share/mythtv/database/mythconverg_init.sql ``` Now make sure the mysqld is running and then run:

mysql -u mythtv -p mythconverg
And see if the password mythtv works
Finally load the timezone data which 0.27 needs:

mysqltzinfoto_sql /usr/share/zoneinfo | mysql -u root mysql

The setup utility from /Applications/MacPorts/MythTV/MythTVSetup doesn't work, but mythtvsetup from the command line does
Finally we need to install HDHomeRun Prime which is complicated but straightforward, it pretends it is three tuners.
Then run MythBackend from /Applications/Macports/MythTV
Then run MythFrontend and do the setup there.
Using is the only way to get a program guide. They are a reasonable $25/year for this. One tricky part is what channels to show. The HD HomeRun Prime cannot handle encrypted stations, so you need to turn off the HBO and other stations. 

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