Canon MX700 does work with Yosemite despite what Canon says.


This is the first time I’ve seen a printer lose compatibility. Canon says that the MX700 no longer works with Yosemite. Somehow I can’t believe that it is this broken. So the investigation begins:

  • One clue is that someone says that the Twain driver support was removed with Yosemite, but there is a fix where you get an old Twain driver. It does look ilke installing the Mavericks driver does make it work even without that fix. I just tried it, so download the scanner. There are two of them a Twain compatible and an ICA driver.
  • Another fellow just loads the older printer drivers from Mavericks and tries to get it to work. the problem is that I need network support and it doesn’t seem to appear. And another guy downloads some special files to make it work for the scanner

  • The MX700 was strange in that it had its own custom network support. It doesn’t use Bonjour so in the past I would load the IJ Network driver and it would magically appear. This doesn’t seem to work anymore. I have gotten the thing to work using the the IJ Netowrk. This printer is from 2008 and uses an older BJNP protocol

So here are the strange steps to get this to work under Yosemite:

  1. Go to the canon site and install all the old software from Mavericks. The important ones are the CUPS Printer, the IJ Network and the ICA Scanner

  2. After you install the IJ Network choose Add Scanner or Printer. Nothing will appear, but if randomly click on printers there, then suddenly the Canon IJ Network will appear because somehow the discover on the older BJNP protocol suddenly works. Under Mavericks, it would appear after the IJ Network installation, but here you seem to need the CUPS Printer and the IJ Network.

  3. When you install the ICA Scanner, then suddenly the MX700 appears as a Bonjour scanner

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