New Pearls of wisdom

Seems like forever that  I’ve been collecting various pearls of wisdom with literally no place to put them. Writing a book is actually a pretty involved process and then you have to get on the road and consult and give speeches, I was inspired by all the many things up on Medium and Facebook now to start putting some things up here. So I guess I’ll start with some simple things like that are just some pearls that I try to remember

  1. The ABCs. The most basic think, every time I explain it, I feel like an idiot because it seems so obvious, but getting everything you want to do down to three sentences that can fit in a paragraph isn’t as easy as it seems.
  2. The Career Rabbit Hole. I seem to be talking about this more and more, but what are the three things that you need to look out for to get a really great job that takes you somewhere.
  3. The Marketing Playbook. Yes, it also seems so incredibly simple, but just knowing what you are trying to accomplish when you launch a product isn’t super easy. Again, another thing that seems so ridiculously simple when you put it down on the page.
  4. Three things a day. I’ve tried about a zillion strategies for getting things done but somehow I always come back to this completely trite idea.

Anyway, those are the first four topics, this is really just documentation for myself in many ways, but got to start somewhere 🙂
Here are some plans:

  1. Skinny Travelers. 14-day with 200 texts, 100 minutes and 1.5GB for $26.
  2. Spark. 29 days with 200 text, 100 minutes and 1GB for $29. And you can preorder it for the Christchurch and Auckland airport kiosks.
  3. Vodafone traveler sim. 29 days with 200 texts, 200 texts, 200 minutes and 1GB for $29

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