Pandemic Isolation Recipes

Ok, some of my favorites, Ti Pang is awesome, basically braise any kind of pork in soy sauce and sugar. What can go wrong!

I guess the technical term is braised Chinese Braise Pork Shank, but I also knew it as Ti Pang 蹄膀  or affectionately Sweet Hoof 糖蹄.

The recipe is pretty simple, you just take the pork, pan sear it to keep the juices in, you can use the Pork shank, or really any kind of pork. Then you pour in the sugar and let it melt, then the garlic and ginger, then in goes the soy sauce, cooking wine and water. Back into the pot for hours at a low temperature to braise until the meat is tender. Yum!

It’s great and traditional at Chinese New Years and with Bok Choy!

And, while you are at, you also make the Shanghai Pork Belly Stew which is a very unattractive name for a very delicious dish. It is quite close to the pork shank but you use pork belly instead.

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