review: Lutron Caseta, , F77 Keyboard, Garmin Dash Mini 2, ASUS X13 Flow, Li-ion upgrade to Cyberpower and iOS 16 Customization

Ok, I don’t often do this, but when I go out and review things and buy them, I nearly always have a quick set of thoughts afterward when I initially install the products, so going from a buying guide to a quick review to a long term review is the plan. You will also see […]

When Neovim Cannot find Python3

Ok, this problem has really been bothering me, but I use four levels of python virtualization. I don’t need all of these but they are from history, so they are: Homebrew installation. YOu can install multiple versions of python with brew install python@3.8 for instance. I don’t use this that much, but it lets you […]

apple: 2022 Fall purchases for Watch and iPhone, hold for iPad and MacBook Pros

Well, it’s an interesting time in the Apple lifecycle, basically, the next generation chips are out, so the iPhone 14 Pro gets the new A16 in 4nm and the low-end MacBook Air and Pro 13 get the new M2 in 5nm. So the performance improvements are massive, about 20% for M1 to M2, but still […]

Home: Enduring a power failure, UPS, VA and Latex

OK, we had a six-hour-long power failure here. Fortunately, Seattle City Light does a great job keeping people informed if you have access to the Internet at their outage page. You just call (206) 684-3000 to report one. And in our case, we were down from 930-1630 or so. The other interesting thing was that […]

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