pen: Notebooks redux and Sidekick

Well, 3-5 years ago, I went deep into fountain pens and also buying high-quality paper and I don’t think I blogged about it, but I used Wirecutter and Pen Addict to buy a few and here’s a review of what I got all good:

  1. Leuchtturm1917. Wow this is an incredible brand and I really love both the thickness of the paper and also having two bookmark thingies is great. The Wirecutter also loves them. $23 from Walmart.
  2. Paperage Lined Journal. This is what Wirecutter likes, it is much simpler and less weighty than the Leuchtturm1917 but at half the price. $10 at Amazon.
  3. Rhodia. this was the first set of “reporter” style pads that I used. They are great if a little bit less weighty that the Leuchtturm1917.

So here are the ones I’d like to try:

  1. Midori. All thing japanese they make pens and paper as well. And Wirecutter also like them, the MD Notebook (A5) is $10 at Amazon
  2. Cortex Sidekick. OK, this is a specialty thing, but it is a pad that sits where the wrist rest is for your keyboard, so it is really easy to take notes. Yes it’s expensive, but it was handmade in London, so that’s worth something. So it’s $32 from Cotton Bureau and you are supporting Myke and CGP Grey who are wonderful folks at

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