How to Increase Media File Maximum Upload Size in WordPress and managing upload sizes

Wow WordPress is so complicated, there are a zillion different ways to change the maximum image upload size.

With WordPress 5.x single site, while you can edit the maximum file size in wp-config.php, the easier way is to use a plugin that sets it called brilliantly, upload-max-file-size

With Multisite WordPress 5.x, this again moved, but it is way down in the Network Admin/Settings/Network Setup/Maximum Image Size entry. The default is 1MB which is a little small. 4MB works pretty well with today’s high speed broadband.

This guide is written to provide all possible solutions for increasing the maximum upload size of media files in WordPress.
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There are a few ways to handle images that you upload (all of my recommended WordPress Plugins are in account (

  1. Smush. This compresses the nine file types that WordPress uses when it edits images. The original file is never used. I didn’t know that.
  2. Resize Image After Uploading. This one changes the dimensions if you need it.

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