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WordPress the right way to import from a new to an old site.


Suppose you want to move from a site.com to a new site.com on another hoster. Here are the steps:

  1. First if you use WordPress Export/Import, the one quirk is that the export does not include the actual Media Library, instead, it includes URL links.
  2. That means that to do a swap, you need to leave the old site up and then do an export.
  3. Create a new site with a different name like newsite.somewhereelse.com
  4. Then do the import which will copy from the oldsite.com to the newsite.somewherelse.com
  5. You probably want to keep having access to the old site, so go to oldsite.com/wp-admin and change the location to something like oldsite.somewherelese.com.
  6. Finally when the import is done, you can change the DNS, so that newsite.somewhereelse.com becomes oldsite.com.

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