Argh Multisite WordPress and redirect loops with debugging and JetPack

Well for sure I’ve been having incredible problems with redirect loops. The symptom is the site just keeps looping with problems. This first started with iThemes Security where I had:

  1. The subsites kept redirecting back to the main site with the message that user creation was not available. They had really strange referrer URLs.
  2. Then when I tried to run salt the tables, I got redirect errors and couldn’t logon to anything. Sigh.

Hard to figure out what is wrong, so better just to run a full rebuild. I probably should have just paid for their iThemes Security Platinum which handles this. Sigh! The site says that it works. But I would be careful about running it from the main site.

I might end up giving some other security plugin’s a try like Kinsta recommends or just stick with JetPack.

So here are some notes on debugging this with DigitalOcean:

  1. After every major change. Stop the droplet and then do a snapshot. This lets you get back to where you were.
  2. Make sure that when you have redirect loops, you clear the browser cache. The caching of cookies can be a real problem. And the behavior is pretty strange. You can get redirect loops, you can get login failures.
  3. I have found that quitting Chrome after you clear the cache can help.

There might also be a problem with caching. I had that with Bluehost, so be careful what you use. I didn’t use WP-Cache but things seem fine with JetPack caching.

There is a great site called Redirect Checker ( which lets you see the problem. For me, it is temporary 302 redirects. You can also look at /var/log/apache2/error.log to see the same thing.

Finally with JetPack and Multiuser WordPress, there seems to constantly be a I can’t make a connection icon on, but the connection works fine, so this seems superious.

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