Besplit or MP3DirectCut and what about Besweet Light

“Besplit”: is a utlity that cuts up an MP3 file intelligently, so it happens on blank spaces. I’ve been using MP3DirectCut to do a similar thing, so another option if you’ve got a big file that needs to be cut. Another hat tip goes to “Besweet Light”: This is an easy to understand tool that […]

Etymotic headphones Billy reminded me that headphones are such an important accessory for iPods. IMHO everyone should get a case to protect the finish of the iPod and then the best headphones they can afford. Discount Headphones carries the Etymotic 6i for $89 and if you are really splurging for concert quality, the Etymotic 4s. Go […]

Flac DirectShow Filter

CoreFlac Directshow Flac Decoder. I store my digital music in FLAC format. This is an open source lossless format. Winamp can play this back, but these folks have written a Directshow filter so anything that uses Directshow like Windows Media Player can now play it back. Other projects by “Corecodec”: include a Directshow ogg vorbis […]

Lame settings for Audible AA files

Hydrogenaudio Forums -> -V n (in 3.95.1). OK, Audible files are low quality relatively and they have four different “formats”: So the best mappings appears to be these settings from “afterdawn”: | Audible Format | Audible Khz | | Format 1 | Mono 8Kbps proprietary | | Format 2 | Mono 16Kbps proprietary | | […]

Audible .aa files to .mp3

Converting .aa files to mp3’s. _DBpoweramp comes in handy again as a way to get my audible files onto unsupported devices. Audible is great but they don’t support every device._ Here is how: I’ve finally found a way to convert .aa (audible) to .mp3’s at 50x realtime! # Install Just use dBpowerAMP Music Converter which […]

Lame is not an MP3 Encoder

The latest places to get LAME for my new machine build: * Multi-threading LAME MP3 Encoder. Kind of cool, this is a multithreaded version of Lame that should run better on hyperthreaded Pentiums by splitting the integer from the floating point calculations and also compiled by the special Intel compiler. A research project from the […]

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