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Now that Musicmatch has really broken on my machines (Yahoo bought it and it isn’t supported much anymore), I really need to find a good tagger. Musicmatch is still my favorite because it has very easy Album finding and also it lets you rename files from tags automatically and put in tags based on filenames….

CDBurnerXP Pro

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Nero 6.6 leaves all kinds of video directshow filters that really screw up my machine, so back to finding a simple program that just does burning, like the old Nero 5.5 but is free. I can’t use Nero 5.5 because it doesn’t recognize my newer Benq 1640, but does find our old Ricoh 5125 “CDBurnerXP…

What Rich Listens To…

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“Melodeo”:http://melodeo.com/user/rich lets you see what podcasts I’m listening too. They have this cool feature where there is a personal website for each user and I got that key user id “rich”:http://melodeo.com/user/rich. Also they sync with your cell phone, so you can listen to podcasts for free over your cell phone if you can figure how…

Microsoft Zune to compete with iPod

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!>http://images.dailytech.com/nimage/2137_zune.jpg! Well, I’m glad that J and Robbie are on this, nice to know there will be some competition. The 30GB Zune player direct from Microsoft will have Wifi so you can download without needing a PC. Will be about $400 according to rumors, so it will be pricey. They even have a “blog”:http://www.zuneinsider.com/ for…

Karen Pernick

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karen pernick – karen pernick – HOME. Karen is awesome. We are so happy she is back into music. We sponsored her first album in the days before Internet promotion, now she has a website and everything and even a blog :_) !>http://www.karenpernick.com/images/kpfrontlivingroomwashed.jpg!

EAC settings for LAME

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LAME – Hydrogenaudio Knowledgebase. This is a great Wiki that gives the settings for the latest versions of LAME MP3 encoder. To summarize, For High quality listening, you can basically encode at 190Kbps to 230Kbps, which correspond to –preset fast standard and –preset fast extreme. Personally, I encode at –preset fast extreme because I’m assuming…