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Memory Lane

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What a trip down memory lane. Walked a few kilometers down Huai Hai Zhong Lu (淮海中路). It is funny how you can remember specific events when you pass certain places… Huang Pi Nan Lu。Sweating in a suit looking for the City Supermarket so I could make spaghetti dinner. Picking the groceries and dragging them home….

American Double Miles

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American Airlines is also offering lots of things like double miles and bonus for Chicago/Shanghai. You need to register, so go to http://www.aa.com/apps/netSAAver/ViewAAdvantageAirlineSpecials.jhtml and register away! And as a reminder United’s list is at http://www.united.com/page/middlepage/0,,1249,00.html and remember they have a double miles and most importantly, all flights on United Star Alliance now count towards getting…

Best Shanghai Restaurants

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Even six months ago, it was hard to get many English language reviews of Shanghai restaurants, but thanks to blogging, that’s rapidly changing. Here are some sources based on a query of google:”Best Shanghai Restaurants”: “Frommer’s:http://www.frommers.com/destinations/shanghai/0717010028.html. Not surprising that this traditional print book has a top listing. Their “best bets”:http://www.frommers.com/destinations/shanghai/0717020003.html are some traditional ones including…

Emerald Directions

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! Jin Xiu Road –> Hua Mu Road –> Yang Gao Road –> Century Avenue –> Lujiazui Pudong Airport 20 minutes Hu Nan Road –> Outer Ring Road –> Pudong Airport Hongqiao Airport 30 minutes Hu Nan Road –> Outer Ring Road –> Xu Pu Bridge –> Outer Ring Road –> Hongqiao Airport Bund (Wai…