Memory Lane

What a trip down memory lane. Walked a few kilometers down Huai Hai Zhong Lu (淮海中路). It is funny how you can remember specific events when you pass certain places… Huang Pi Nan Lu。Sweating in a suit looking for the City Supermarket so I could make spaghetti dinner. Picking the groceries and dragging them home. […]

Best Shanghai Restaurants

Even six months ago, it was hard to get many English language reviews of Shanghai restaurants, but thanks to blogging, that’s rapidly changing. Here are some sources based on a query of google:”Best Shanghai Restaurants”: “Frommer’s: Not surprising that this traditional print book has a top listing. Their “best bets”: are some traditional ones including […]

Emerald Directions

! Jin Xiu Road –> Hua Mu Road –> Yang Gao Road –> Century Avenue –> Lujiazui Pudong Airport 20 minutes Hu Nan Road –> Outer Ring Road –> Pudong Airport Hongqiao Airport 30 minutes Hu Nan Road –> Outer Ring Road –> Xu Pu Bridge –> Outer Ring Road –> Hongqiao Airport Bund (Wai […]

W.W. Chan Tailor

On the other hand, suits are much cheaper in China than in Hong Kong. “W.W. Chan”: is in the “Jin Mao Shopping Mall”: They actually have three locations in Shanghai. You can get the finest Italian material and get it made essentially anyway that you want. A really high end suit with two pairs of […]

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