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USB Flash Drives

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!http://c1.neweggimages.com/NeweggImage/ProductImageCompressAll200/20-211-182-01.jpg! It’s shopping day for miscellaneous stuff, so going through flash drives. I’d recommend the PQI i810 or the i220 if you really want small. 2GB is a good size for these little guys to do quick transfers and they fit on a key chain. h2. “USB Flash Drive Reviews”:http://usb-flash-drive-review.toptenreviews.com/ I just lose these all…

Comparison Shopping Engines

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We’ve been looking at comparison shopping companies. Its interesting to see who has what presence on the web right now. From google:”comparison shopping” we get the initial list whic includes: bizrate.com mysimon.com pricegrabber.com dealtime.com shopper.cnet.com It’s interesting to see that shopping.com doesn’t come up. An “Alexaholic”:http://www.alexaholic.com/shopping.com+shopzilla.com+pricegrabber.com+bizrate.com+dealtime.com?y=n&r=6m&z=1 shows that mysimon.com is way lower and shopper.cnet.com isn’t…

Sonicare Toothbrushes

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!>http://www.sonicare.com/images/products/Dsum_hero_LORES.jpg! Connie got these Sonicare toothbrushes for Calvin, but I have to say that I really love them. The only confusing thing is the names of the various versions, so here’s a decoder ring and where to buy them: * Elite (a.k.a Best). They have two models, the Elite 9500 which has two speeds and…

Magazine Subscriptions

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So how much on the Internet can you save if you want to subscribe to a magazine. Here’s one journey (and test) to get the lowest price on _The Atlantic_ * “eHow”:http://www.ehow.com/how_109077_deal-magazine-subscription.html recommends going to the publishers site directly. For the “Atlantic”:https://ssl.theatlantic.com/sub/17580/IPC0506H, this is $2.45 per copy or $24.50. They do have an “educational”:http://www.theatlantic.com/a/eduorder.mhtml discount…

They are small and great at metrokitchens.com

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Well, I’ve tried cooking.com (http://cooking.com) and pricegrabber (http://pricegrabber.com) often has cooking things although this is uneven, but my favorite is a “small” business on the internet called Metro Kitchens (http://metrokitchens.com). They are based in Atlanta and are a little store, but they have super high quality merchandise that is really “durable cooking” stuff.

We got our knives there (Wursthuf sp.) and also our cookingware (Allclad). By the way, we stick with recommendation from Cooks Illustrated. They are the consumer reports of the cooking business with real A/B testing of everything.

You do have to be careful, but usually there is a great sale one. Very personal service too…

Last Minute Shopping

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“Hoops”:http://scbhooper.com said he had a bit of quick shopping to do. It is amazing how you can still get things online and quasi-online just a few days before Christmas. Here are notes for last minute shoppers: * “Outpost.com”:http://outpost.com. This is the cyber outlet for Fry’s. So if you don’t feel like jetting over to Fry’s,…

Christmas Gifts

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Well, its Christmas time again, so once again, here’s some holiday recommendations from Rich. Hope you all buy early: h3. Household * Cusinart Classic Style 2-Slice Chrome Toaster with free shipping from MetroKitchen.com. This is $50. Interesting to see how retro is so in. Just look at what Restoration Hardware has done. Here’s a 1920s…