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!{float: left; margin-right: 10px;}http://jillofalltrades.homestead.com/files/ebay_store_test_1.gif!:http://stores.ebay.com/Auction-Profit-Education-Consulting This is a huge sub-economy. There are many insights about this and many, many sites. Ebay itself is complex. Janelle is really great and a total expert. Some of her more interesting points and connections to great ebay tools are:
* Auctionbites – Free news and resources for online auction users. She has a great set of tools there.
* “AuctionBites.com Calendar”:http://www.auctionbytes.com/Email_Newsletter/calendar/calendar.html. This shows you the best time to list so that the most folks are on ebay when the item ends and where the action is.
* “Andale”:http://andale.com. The most amazingly a la carte list of tools.
* “Channel Advisor”:http://channeladvisor.com. There is a nice user interface
* “Endicia”:http://endicia.com. This is for shipping that lets you do promotions
* “USPS.com”:http://shop.usps.com. US Postal Service will deliver boxes for you to ship them. Wow how convenient.
* “Gut Check 2000”:http://www.teamredline.com/gutcheck/. This gloms through feedback and you see what is going on with your feedback.
If you are really sophisticated as a buyer, you can snipe. Two good tools are:
* “Auctionstealer”:http://auctionstealer.com. I’ve used this service forever. Bought all kinds of things with it. Let’s you buy something in the last 30 seconds or so. The free option is if you do less than 3 bids.
* “Cniper.com”:http://cniper.com
Another place to buy books:
* “Bestbookbuys.com”:http://bestbookbuys.com. The best place for search. Seems to be a good one.
* “Half.com”:http://half.com. The fixed priced place
* “eBay.com”:http://ebay.com. Bestbookbuys doesn’t search that unfortunately.

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    There is a new eBay power search at auctionfigure.com

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