The Head Geek Overview

The Head Geek Overview

Here are the latest personal photos. Thanks to Seattle Filmworks for their
great digitization, although you do have to manually convert from their
proprietary format to JPEGs. These are thumbnails and behind each is a full 30KB
JPEG you can get just by clicking.

Just before Alex was born

The Big Year of Change

This was the year that I left Microsoft. It was the new millenium too.
Started to work on a new company called
Ignition. Has been a lot of fun
working with great people

Rich at home in 2000

At the 'rents house

Happy Birthday to Me in 1996

Yes, it's my 35th birthday. Boo-hoo. How sad, but a great barbecue in any

Here is an early picture with me and Alex

Richt and Alex

And, here is my buddy Jon on his new boat

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