Nokia Launches 9 New MMS Wireless Phones. Well the other shoe had to drop on the new Nokia line for this fall. Here it is. The new Nokia 6800 sure looks cool. The way the flip opens to make it a console is pretty neat. Not available until next year though. See it below

Here’s the rest of the line…Nokia today announced six new handsets set for release early next year. The new phones boast MMS and J2ME and reflect the company’s growing commitment to combining devices with content services. Here is a brief look at the upcoming models:
The Nokia 6800, is optimized for efficient text input. Aimed at the enterprise market, the Nokia 6800 also comes with color display, SyncML support, email and Web connectivity, and a stereo FM radio. The dual band Nokia 6800 is expected to start shipping in the first quarter 2003 in Europe, Africa, and Asia.
The second device, the Nokia 7250 is a swanky designer phone with built-in camera. The tri-band device also sports a color display and a stereo FM radio. The Nokia 7250 is expected to start shipping in the first quarter 2003 globally.
The next phone, the Nokia 6100, purports to be the world’s smallest and lightest GPRS, MMS-enabled phone. This model is a triband world phone with a color display and a slim, streamlined shape. The 6100 should hit stores by the end of 2002.
The Nokia 5100 phone includes a full color display and sports a chic design. The luxury phone is optimized for those with an “active leisure lifestyle” (polyester not included). This phone will ship in Q1 2003.
The Nokia 8910i is an MMS, Java, Bluetooth, HSCSD and GPRS device in a sleek titanium-case. This premium phone will be available in Q1 2003 as well.
Finally, the Nokia 2100 is a budget phone designed for low mobile penetration markets in Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

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