DVD to DiVX backup guides

In the quest to backup my DVDs to a highly compressed DiVX file, I found lots of really great sites that explain what to do. I ended up picking the method that is more complicated but hopefully gets really great high quality DiVX with Dolby Digital (also called AC3), so it is just like a movie. There a ton of approaches. Here is the one that I use.
Definitive DVD Backup Resource. Seems like the place to find the geeks who understand this stuff. He has a freeware download called Gordian knot. I’ve just downloaded and am installing it. Wow, this is pretty complicated stuff. It is way more complicated and under the covers I’m afraid, but at least
Documentation explains a little. It is basically a bunch of freeware utilities stitched together. It is very complicated and you have to follow every step exactly. A typical conversion took me 4 hours on a 2.4GHz Pentium IV. So, you need some serious horsepower to make this work.
DiVX and AC3. Here is a more complete guide on what to do to get Dolby Digital stitched into a DiVX file.

Here were some other sites I found very helpful

  1. Easydivx. OK, here is a DVD to DiVX backup “utility”. Need to try it, but highly rated on cnet.com. Can’t wait to backup it. Will try tonight and I’m afraid it failed because there is some strange incompatibility with DiVX 5 with no fix that I can find. I actually now think it you can’t install both EasyDiVX and Gordian Knot together. They use the same routines. When I uninstalled both, then Gordian Knot worked. EasyDiVX looks the simplest, but probably has the lowest quality.
  2. DVD Digest Articles – DVD to DivX (XviD) Conversion Guide. Easiest to understand conversion guide so far.
  3. RipHelp.com. Yet another great rip helper. Amazing how many sites like this there are.
  4. The how to guide to backing up your entire DVD collection??. Yet another guide using another set of utilities.
  5. Jaspovs DVD to DivX 😉 conversion site. Here’s another dummies guide.

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