An Explanation…

An Explanation…

This represents a new use of categories in MovableType. I'm going to keep track of various projects that I work on by adding the category uncompleted to them and then keeping track of all entries that are uncompleted. It really is a test of how to use MovableType where the primary sorting isn't date, but actually an arbitrary category

I'm also at work on doing a similar thing with the personal home pages of the folks in the Tong Family. There will be one big blog with each entry categorized by who is involved. So, if there is a ski trip, the categories will be Rich, Alex and Calvin for example, then a personal blog can just be a list of entries with category="Alex" for example. That way, there is single instance storage and by changing categories, you get different views. Hey, this is a lot like Notes!

On the link bar on the right, you'll see a category pull of all categories that are uncompleted. And eventually, I'll do category archives so you can see each project's update chronologically


  1. When writing my journal I use MS Bookshelf for a heading quote, but when that CD isn’t in the drive I use TCPN Quotation Center.

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