It’s been an awesome ski season so far. Amazing how much snow there’s been. Here are the main resorts I look at and go to. Makes it easy to check conditions:
* “Ski Washington”: A great site with an overview of latest snowfalls. A great powder report email that they send too. Subscribe for sure!
* “Snoqualmie”: Really close to Seattle. About a 45 minute ride. Mainly a beginner hill except for Alpental which has some nice runs. An amazing 82 inch base and 90 inches at the top of the mountain in December. That’s 7 feet of snow!
* “Crystal Mountain”: A bit farther at 1 1/2 to 2 hours away, but great skiing. Right now 78 inches at the summit! Best thing about it is that kids 1o and under ski for just $5. Hard to beat that! A tougher hill than Snoqualmie, but amazing views of Mt. Rainier when clear.
* “Stevens Pass”: This place is a little farther if you live in Seattle, but quite close if you live on the Eastside. Another wow year with 76 inch base. 9 inches fell in the last 24 hours. It is pretty high, so you get good quality snow.
* “Sun Peaks”: Actually, they haven’t got much snow. Have 28 inches, so it looks like the Washington has them beat by quite a bit. We’re going up in February so hopefully they’ll have more then. A great resort for kids!
* “Mount Baker”: I’ve never been up there. It is pretty far from Seattle, but they have an amazing amount of snow. Right now they have a 10 foot base. That 121 inches!

2 responses to “Snow Reports in the Pacific Northwest”

  1. Rich Tong Avatar

    You dog you Gary. I wish that I could get out there as much. Should definitely catch up. I’ll send you a note. Buy you lunch!

  2. Gary Gigot Avatar
    Gary Gigot

    You should try Sun Valley. I go there every weekend. Hope you are well. We should catch up.

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