Moblogging: WAP and SMS Blog Entry


"Joi Ito's Resource": Joi Ito has a great list of applications that allow you to take SMS and push it via an email interface onto a blog.
wapblogger - a WAP interface to Blogger, LiveJournal and other smart weblog-style tools. Hey in the course of installing all these new blogging tools, I was reminded of WAP blogger. Just type in this WAP address: _ and you are off.
"Bitwaste SMS Blogging": There is also a nice script from to do the same for a phone. Its quite dedicated. Looks at the from location to prevent spam which you need in this day and age. Also requires perl and some libraties, but cool to see. Of course it requires a dedicated email address that you hook in with /etc/aliases, so those of us without shell access to Linus are hosed.