Quick Review of MT Alternatives


Here is some deeper drill downs base on comments on Movable Type RIP | Metafilter. Folks realy like WordPress (only manages a single blog though), ExpressionEngine, b2evolution, textpattern. NEed to check them out. Others are Pivot, but the top votes are WordPress and ExpressionEngine, so here are notes about each and I'll put up trial sites on each on tongfamily.com to check them out.
* WordPress › Development Blog. OK, here is WordPress. The good news is that it is really the update version of b2/cafelog. I actually went from blogger to b2/cafelog before finally landing on MovableType two years ago. Now it looks like this is a good chance to try some others and this is at the top of the list. They do a huge new release middle of next week.
* ExpressionEngine is $149 so it is really a commercial package and out of consideration. HAs some great features though. I love hierarchical categories in particular.
* TextPerfect. By the same guy who did Textile (which I just love).