Linksys NSLU2: Home NAS gets even better


Hacking the Linksys NSLU2 Part 1. With the first network printer that actually works easier running in our house (the Brother HL-5170DN is cheap and works well), I'm on to figuring out storage.
For a long time, because network attached devices just plain didn't seem to work (I've tried print servers, media servers, etc.), I've basically had one gigantic PC with a printer and 500GB of hard drive attached. It is big noisy and kind of unreliable since Connie turns it off alot.
This NSLU2 seems like a second dream come true. You can gang up cheap 250GB hard drives in USB 2.0 enclosures and attached it to this and you've got noiseless storage in the network.
Even more, you also get a flexible microcomputer it looks like according to this story. Like most Linksys products though, actual customers on "Pricegrabber": have had a terrible time with stability and keeping it running. Not a surprise given the price point. Had the same problems with the incredibly cheap D-Link itoeye video conferencing system. Was only $250 but never worked. Maybe that's a new strategy. Had the same problem with a Netgear print server. Worked once but was so intermittent that it was useless. The way of the world with these products I guess :0(
In any case, an interesting box, but will wait for more real user feedback.