Jim Meyer is going to be in town and was wondering what to do. Will be in San Juans on Tuesday. Thursday to the Mariners game. Friday open. Boys 14, 11 and 7:
* Mariners Game. Already going to one on Wednesday. That’s a great idea, although I’m sure it will be a sad event.
* Boeing Plant Tour. It should be nice next week, but that’s a great morning. You can book ahead on their site. $10/head and you reserve 24 hours I believe in advance. The best time is probably the 10AM. So you can get up there after the rush hour. It is about 30 minutes without traffic from Seattle to Everett where the plant is without traffic and about 2 hours with traffic.
* Pike Place Market and Dinner at Shea Sheas. It should be a nice day, so a walk along the pier followed by dinner is great. It is a Friday, so there won’t be a concert on the Pier, I don’t think, but check out the concert site to make sure.
* Harry Potter at the IMAX. They probably have this in NYC, but seeing Harry Potter on the giant screen isn’t to be missed. I mean 5 story high. 4:30PM show at the Pacific Science Center. The PSC is great for the younger kids, but the 14 year old is going to be bored I suspect.
* Sea Plane and the San Juans. He’s already doing this, but everyone else that is just a fantastic expedition.

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