Dual Core will save us


AnandTech on Intel Developers Forum
Wow, this is a big deal, both AMD and Intel are going dual core. So there will two complete processors on one chip.
Vanderpool Technology or VT is an upcoming feature on several processor families (including the dual core families) that allow processor emulation and/or virtualization. As explained by Intel, with Vanderpool Technology, we can actually run two operating systems simultaneously on the same machine, and even dedicate one processor to a given operating system, and another processor to a different operating system.
Of course, no Intel Developer Forum is ever complete without a stop by the AMD hospitality suite usually within a block or two of the convention center. In fact, AMD has an extremely similar technology to Vanderpool dubbed "Pacifica." According to our AMD correspondents, Pacifica technology will allow us to run multiple operating systems and dedicate specific CPUs to those operating systems. AMD also unveiled to us a technology called "Presido", which looks identical to Intel's Lagrange Technology (LT).
Wow, that means that you could run lots of versions of Windows insulated from each other. "Ludwig":http://theludwigs.com have been talking about doing that for a long time. It would improve Windows stability alot. Having a hypervisor as they are know would be way better than slamming more features into a single operating system and then trying to maintain compatibility.
Too bad that can't happen until Longhorn is done (2006-7 is Longhorn shipment, then a Service Pack, so maybe 2010-12 for that?). Hmmm. Maybe that's an opportunity for someone small to start and do a nice utility like VMware only better.