Far Cry Mods


FarCry Mods. Well I finally got a full copy of Far Cry in anticipation of updating Calvin's machine to a full Athlon 64 system (just waiting for the CPU right now!).
A wonderful game even on a now mid-range, Athlon XP 3200+ with GeForce 5900GT card. Main issue is that it pushed the graphics card so hard that the system crashes when running overclocked (438/780 vs the stock 300/700 MHz). Oh well.
The most exciting thing though are all the mods that people have produced for Far Cry. For instance there is "The Forgotten War":http://www.farcry.ubi.com/mods_feature_tfw.php which is the Korean War or "Pandora Forces":http://www.farcry.ubi.com/mods_feature_pf.php a modern insurgency scenario. Can't wait to try them!