Minolta Dimage 5400 Software


Now that the Chaintech is essentially running, its time to start doing some editing with it. Main issue is to get my film scanner working.
There is a dedicated Dimage 5400 "marketing":http://konicaminolta.com/products/consumer/digital_camera/dimage/ that doesn't link to any support site. Arrghh. I just hate these companies without integrated website.
Instead, you have to go to the main "Minoltausa.com":http://minoltausa.com to find the software buried in the support section looking for software & "drivers":http://kmpi.konicaminolta.us/eprise/main/kmpi/content/cam/cam_SupportCenter/Support_Software Very hard to find on the main Minolta site and then you have to select Category Scanners, Model 5400. There is no URL for this as it is generated dynamically. I also hate sites without hard URLs as well. Anyway there it is current version is 1.1.5 and it is three floppy images if you can believe that!