How fast and how hot?


AnandTech - Would NV5 Silencer reduce artifacts?. Some user experiences on using the eVGA 6800GT and overclocking. My own personal results are that with the NV5 Silencer, I'm running at 60C at idle and 77C at load at stock speeds of 350/1000MHz running rthdribl (a very tough benchmark) without artifacts.
With the driver detecting overclocking at 398/1090MHz running rthdribl, the temperatures are 63C and 79C. I may need to take apart and put some Arctic Silver thermal paste in. Folks are reporting that makes a difference. Also I'm wondering if there is a way to make the fan go faster.
Here are some other folks...
I'm currently using an eVGA 6800GT with stock cooling at 410/1080. If I increase the core speed on it by as little as 4mhz (to 414), I see artifacts everywhere in 3dmark05. At 420mhz, 3dmark will run for a while but will eventually freeze and/or reboot. The card runs at about 56 idle and around 77 at full load.
I have the eVga and replaced the cooler with an NV5. Before NV5 I was stable (artifact/misplaced-polygon free) @ 406/1080. After NV5 I was stable (artifact/misplaced-polygon free) @ 420/1130. After NV5 and Thugs Gainward Golden Sample BIOS flash I am stable (artifact/misplaced-polygon free) @ 440/1196! Big thanks goes out to Thugs for making this BIOS mod easy and effective! Yes to answer your question Pak. With the NV5 you can achieve higher core and ram speeds with the absence of artifacts/misplaced poly's. AS5 helps here as well. What holds me back now is volts. Im good now and dont dare want to take the risk to volt mod lo