NV5 installation on eVGA 6800GT


3DXtreme - Taking Hardware To The Xtreme..., _ Got the cooler. Wasn't actually that hard to disassemble. Main thing is that eVGA cooler is quite different from the instructions and its noted below_
Here is a shot of the stock cooler components after they were removed from the card. Unfortunately, the installation instructions must have been written for a different stock cooler for a 6800 series video card because none of what they showed even resembled the parts that EVGA used. As you can see, it came apart into about 5 pieces with about 15 screws to take care of. It wasn’t hard to figure out how to take it apart, but clearer instructions by Arctic-Cooling would have been appreciated. And unfortunately their website doesn’t appear to have been updated since they released the Ati VGA Silencer in its original form