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Connie asked, where are all the educational games. Seems like there aren’t anymore to buy. So, off to look at PC Gamer to find some. Here are some others have ben playing based on their ESRB rating at “gamespot”: as well as their top 100 “kids games”:
* “Simcity 4”: This is the simulation that started it all in its latest form. It is all about building and maintaining a city. The kids love Zoo Tycoon, so here is the next step up.
* “The Sims 2”: Just releases sequel, this is a smaller version of Sim City. You build your own little community and home. “Gamespot”: also liked it.
There are some games that aren’t educational, but at least they are _fun_:
* “Crusader Kings”: Probably not politically correct, but it is basically Risk in medieval Europe. Got a decent 8.2 which is not bad for simulation/strategy games.
* “Firepower for Combat Flight Simulator 3”: Ok, so this one is a little violent. Fun to play with the boys though πŸ™‚ This is an expansion pack that makes the flight models much more real. Just what a Dad needs πŸ™‚
* “Pirates!”: Live the life of a Pirate, a revival of a 1987 classic. Sounds like fun, even if not educational.
* “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005”: Great for our little guy who loves golf.

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