All this playing of Combat Flight Simulator reminded me how much I loved Harpoon and F-15 Strike Eagle before the kids arrived. Here’s an update to what’s going on. The short news is that there isn’t as much action now, but there are still some interesting new titles that are “modern jet”:, “helicopter”: and “submarine”: simulations.
The sad news is that helicopters simulations are dead. For flight simulation junkies, “”: appears to be where they are hanging out as well as at “”:
Silent Hunter III for PC at GameSpot. Silent Hunter III is about to come out and models a U-boat captain. Should be fun.
* “Dangerous Waters”: This is a modern submarine simulation that is supposed to be very accurate. Harpoon lives!
* “Falcon 4.0”: If you can believe it folks are still modding a game that was shipped in 1999. I remember Falcon 3.0, played it for hours and then 4.0 was terribly buggy, but a dedicated group has been hacking away to keep it going. Not even clear how you get a new copy. Atari doesn’t even sell it, so you have to find a fresh copy on the web somewhere and then install patches.

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