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. I just love Sturtevants. What a ski store should really be. Boy those guys just love skiing and with this horrible northwest winter, the 50% off sale is just incredible.
But the thing that is most remarkable is the boot fitting. I’ve used two folks. “Jim Mates”: at 206-297-9298 over in Ballard. He was great, I felt like I was just such a novice with his incredible clientele.
The best guy for me was Martin Rand over at Sturtevants Bellevue. Although I’m a complete moron on this kind of stuff, he was kind and considerate. He was actually the main guy that sold me the first pair of nice skis that I’ve ever owned (K2 Axis XP).
They are expensive, but if you are buying $500 boots, I really do think you need to get custom liners at $150, it is the entire world of difference. Ski boots (unlike skis) are really super important and different. Literaly I went from skiing in a “canoe” as my buddy Bob says with a no name $50 pair 2nd hand, to incredible responsiveness and incredible agony (toes purple etc.) from a Salomon X-Wave 9.0 25.5.
Now he says that I wear the same boots as Warren Miller whom he has also fitted. So at least I have something in common with someone cool :0)
Now with these liners, I feel like I could be in ski boots all day as “Michelle”: would say.
So if you are going to buy gear, do it right *now* for the prices, but get them from somewhere that knows how to fit your boots.

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