Bike Fitting


I get asked all the time about bike X or I want to buy get into it.
First of all, if you are going to be getting a serious bicycle at all, like skiing, the most important thing is the fit.
I used to recommend John Gallagher at "MaterialPost": to do fittings, but now he only fits as part of selling custom bicycles.
While there are some good discussions on the web on "Bike Fit":, you really want a pro to help you, they certainly won't help you that much. My personal experience in even great stores like "Montlake Bike Shop": or "Gregg's": is that fit isn't a big focus for the sales staff.
The system I used with John Gallagher was from "": as a start. I thought it was good to be a little bit scientific. Unfortunately, only "Old Town Bicycle": down in Gig Harbor has a system like this that I can find. A little bit of a hike, but worth it I think. BTW, they certainly carry some great brands there like Cannondale, Colnago (drool, drool), Litespeed and Specialized, so it isn't a bad shop either.