NVIDIA NForce Audio Driver 4.57. There is an update since the 5.10 unified drivers don’t solve the Sim City 4 crashes. But, it is not clear how to install them. Here are the note:
* Drivers will not install on the following nForce2 products: Chaintech 7NJS. Please use the drivers that come with these products to enable audio functionality.
* Release Notes
** WHQL certified kit
** Includes support for nForce, nForce2, nForce3, and nForce4 products, including dual-processor systems
** Addresses issues in various games and applications
* Installation
1. Uninstall old AUDIO ONLY drivers via Add/Remove Programs.
2. Upon reboot and redetection of a hardware point to the new drivers.
3. For now nVMixer is not included, don’t know if should be, used the old v1.0 from v6.14 nForce package.

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