Pentium M on 478 Motherboards


X-bit labs - Hardware news - ASUS Offers to Install Intel’s Mobile Chips into Desktops.
ASUS Upgrade Kit CT-479 will allow installing Intel Pentium M and similar mobile chips into Socket 478 mainboards. The kit will be available as a standalone product bundled with a special cooler that is capable of cooling Intel Pentium M processors at up to 2.26GHz and Intel Celeron M processors at up to 1.70GHz frequencies. The adapter will not support Low Voltage or Ultra Low Voltage processors, but only typical versions of Intel’s mobile chips based on Banias or Dothan cores. It is unclear whether the CT-479 will allow overclocking. According an ASUS document, the cooler ASUS supplies has 3000rpm fan with maximum noise level of 30dB, which is rather a lot even for desktops.
ASUS advices to use mainboards qualified for operation with the adapter and Intel Pentium M or Celeron M microprocessors. Currently the list of such mainboards is limited to P4P800 SE and P4P800-VM products powered by Intel’s 865PE and 865G