Joystick Reviews


CH FighterStick/Pro Throttle and Saitek X52 Review. No one plays flight simulator games anymore, but I still love them.
Someone finally did a review of some joysticks. The net is that the "Saitek Cyborg EVO": is a decent one. I got the Logitech USB one for $25 and it is decent too.
For those who want a really nice joystick, $120 buys you the Saitek "X52": is a good one. If you really want an accurate joystick that costs $200 plus a HOTAS system so you can pretend to be in an F-16, then the CH FighterStick/Pro Throttle is the right choice.
So for me, the Saitek or the Logitech are fine unless I really get addicted to Falcon 4.0 again.