Bookends, Lanikai Juice and Morning Brew in Kailua


BookEnds | Store/Shop Review | Oahu | If you are on this end of the island, stop here. They are one of those great bookstores like "Bailey Coy": in Seattle that seems to select just the best books. In this case, Bookends is particularly good at children books. Also a good used selection for the beach. Patronize it before everything becomes a Barnes & Nobles to a Borders 🙂
While you are there, you can try "Lanikai Juice": and the "Morning Brew": local coffee shop that is across from the Starbucks and the Jamba Juice. In a kind of poetic justice, the local guys are in one strip mall struggling against the commercial chain guys across the street.
BookEnds is the quintessential neighborhood bookstore, run by a pro who buys good books and knows how to find the ones she doesn't have. Thereare more than 60,000 titles here, new and used, from Celtic Mandalas to C. S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia
and the full roster of current bestsellers. Volumes on child care,
cooking, and self-improvement; a hefty periodicals section; and
mainstream and offbeat titles are among the treasures to be found.