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With Seatac parking rates running at $30/day, it seems like there have to be some alternatives. When I have time (which ain't often I admit), I do use off-airport parking.
There are amazingly few sites that cover recommendations for this. Last recommendation by a human is from 2002 in google! If you can believe that. Here is what we use:
!SeaTac Airport Parking for Seattle - AirStar Parking & Shuttle. They are $8.44/day not including tax if you print out the web coupon. I've used them a bunch of times, mainly because Stacey told me that this is the service that airline folks use. I've had good experience with them mainly because the shuttle arrives quickly. You can actually join a points club and make reservations online now. Why, I'm not sure, but it is there.
Doug Fox parking, these guys are closest and I used to use them. I don't know mainly because there are times when they are completely full.
ShuttlePark. We just used them and I have to say it is scary. When they are very full, they take your keys a valet. Let's just say many things have to go right for you to get your car back on a busy day since their whole system relies on little paper tags and keys in envelopes. They use the same shuttle as Allstar (In fact all three of these are actually run by the same company, but because Airstar is out of the way, it doesn't fill up).
Some enterprising folks from the UK even have a site called "": that is a shopping engine for finding very low cost parking. Personally, I'd never use, since you want a patrolled lot if your car is at all valuable.

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  1. Thank you!
    I was worried about finding a good parking lot, and I appreciate the tip!
    I called, and they sound great.

  2. The above blog from “Eve” concerning AirStar appears to be advertising.
    The blog contains the logo and a link. Who takes the time to blog out such mundane subjects unless they are related to the business.
    If you would like a full list of objective off-site airport parking companies, visit:

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