Samsung Yepp YP-MT6Z


Samsung Yepp YP-MT6Z 1GB MP3 Player Review - _This could be a good substitute for the iRiver iFP-799._
About the size of a pack of Wrigley's gum, the Samsung Yepp YP-MT6Z incorporates a digital FM Tuner with 20 pre-sets, inline MP3 encoding, a voice recorder and eight EQ pre-sets. It also is powered by USB and has a little adapter. Also mimics the iPod in having fewer keys and a jog shuffle. And it looks just like a USB Flash Drive.
Compared to the iRiver iFP-799, it is about the same price ($180) but it has the "I'm just a disk" advantage. Also, the battery last 40 hours, unlike the iFP-799 which seems like a few hours before dying.