iPod nano


!The Apple Store (U.S.). Wow, now this is a cool device. A flash based player that has 4GB of memory, a color screen, 14 hours of battery life. Bring it on! $249.
The 2GB version is $199.
The product line is pretty simple now, compared to the old days and is exactly right for consumer marketing. Basically, there is something every $50 for someone and it doesn't overlap as the iPod Mini and iPod and iPod Photo used to
iPod Shuffle 512MB $99
iPod Shuffle 1GB $149
iPod nano 2GB $199
iPod nano 4GB $249
iPod 20GB $299
iPod U2 20GB $329
iPod 60GB $399
Looks to me like the sweetspot prices are iPod nano 2GB for $199 and the iPod 60GB $399.