Speakeasy - Speed Test. Speakeasy is a great ISP that is dedicated to power users and small business. Reminds me a lot of the early Dell model where the point was to get 2nd users of PCs to get the right computer.
Dell has of course come far from there to be the Wal*Mart of PCs, but in the early days, they worked like Speakeasy.
A great example is this broadband speedtest and taste test stuff they do. In my case, Comcast ain't so bad. I get 5Mbps down and 347kbps up from Comcast . The application test they have by the way is pretty cool. I get this for $49/month.
The equivalent Speakeasy service is probably the 6Mbps down/768Kbps up which costs $106.
For the complete bundle including VOIP phone replacing our conventional single phone line, the math is
$136/month from Speakeasy
$20/month from Qwest
$10/month from AT&T Long Distance
$50/month from Comcast
$20/month from Tqhosting
$100/month total today from four vendors
So, it doesn't really pencil out on a pure bandwidth basis, but could from a single point. The main worry I'd have is that I like to have Mark@tqhosting and I run MovableType, it isn't clear whether the base package includes enough to run MovableType.