Blackberry 8700 out

!BlackBerry. Well, the new blackberry is out. Its an update to the 7390 that I’ve been using for a while. Big changes are:
* Higher resolution screen
* Speakerphone. That is really terrific
* Ringtones. Finally, you have ringtones
* New buttons. They’ve gotten rid of their strange multikeys so there is now a Send, End and Mute buttons on the front.
* Faster processor, they are using an Intel machine running at 312MHz.
* EDGE support and it is quad band too!

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  1. cocoa Avatar

    I was wondering if you could answer a question about the 7390? It belongs to a co-worker so I don’t have much time to try to figure it out on my own. Is there a way to set a screen saver? I saved the pic as his background, but (like on my 7290) I don’t see an option for standby. Thanks if you can help.
    Great question. Here is how I do it. Go to Pictures and then click on the thumb wheel on the picture you want. You should see “Set As Home Screen Image” to set the background and then the one you want is “Set As Standby Screen” which is the screen saver. Good luck!

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