Dumb me, I have a new 8700 and couldn’t get it to enterprise activate, the whole activation process would hang with “Activation Server not found.” So what’s the problem, I have been gettings lots of NTP messages and put a spam filter on it, the way that activation works though is that email messages are sent from Cingular to Blackberry’s home serves, these then send an email to my home account which our Blackberry Enterprise server then intercepts. The problem is that my spam filter saw these magic email messages first and then hid them in a junk mail folder, so the Blackberry Enterprise server couldn’t find them.

Net, net, if you have problems with enterprise activation, see if your spam filter is consuming these magic Blackberry messages

Final point is that there are many free things on:

* “mobile.blackberry.com”:http://mobile.blackberry.com from your Blackberry. Not well marketed, but there are all kinds of goodies that Blackberry has put there, you can download over the air with Blackberry operating system 4.0 or higher. “Rimarkable”:http://www.rimarkable.com/archives/category/free-blackberry-downloads/ has a whole list of free things and pointers such as using Skype on your Blackberry
* Pocket Express which is some sort of browser enhancement, go to “http://pxme.us”:http://pxme.us from your Blackberry for OTA download
* “Free411”: by my buddy Phil Bogle
* “Google Maps”:http://www.rimarkable.com/archives/662. This is one direction application that actually works
* Spider Solitair, it’s on mobile.blackberry as a free game
* “Yahoo Messenger”:http://www.rimarkable.com/archives/665 and “Google Talk”:http://www.rimarkable.com/archives/574 for Blackberry.
* “Stock Quote Viewer” is nice although the BB Today freeware is a little easier to figure out

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