Ideal Wine Cellar Temperature and Humidity


Bascially, the average home is 20 degrees C, but this is too hot for wine, the ideal is 10-13 C or 50-55 degree Fahrenheit. YOu can have it as high as 15C for emdium term storage but not above 18C. Main thing is to prevent temperatur fluctuation as noted by “”: with “intowine”: saying much the same that 10-12C (50-55F) is optimnum, but any constant temperature withint 4-18C (40-65F will do). A wine kept at 68F will age twice as fast as those at 50F and at 55F (12C), it will age slowly and with better complexity.

Humidty-wise, relative humidity of 50-80% is acceptable, but 70% is recommended and of course it should be dark.

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