Chaintech VNF3-250 Doesn’t POST and beeps once…


I guess I asked for it, upgraded from a 75GB drive to a 750GB (!!) drive and things were working fine until I actually put the drive into the computer and now nothing happens. I get one beep and then the system just hangs!

“OC Forum”: has a very useful what to do on a failure like this:

# Make sure everything is seated correctly and all the contacts are clean. Disconnect everything else but the minimum stuff, that is the memory, cpu, video card, disk.
# Listen for the “beep codes”: which are dependent on the actual BIOS you have. Naturally, you won’t know what BIOS you have until it fails, but a look at the “Chaintech”: manual will usually tell you. In my case, it uses the Award BIOS that “BIOS Central”: has. In my case, I literally get a single short and that’s it.
# Try a CMOS Reset. Always good for the soul particularly when you’ve overclocked a machine as I have. In the Chaintech case, that is JP1
# Did this last thing and I was back. I guess when I put it all together, I wasn’t careful enough about static and I whacked the CMOS. Pretty wierd. So I would guess that a single beep means the CPU couldn’t start because it was going to fast.