High Def Camcorders


!>http://images.tomshardware.com/2006/08/02/hv10_threequarter_screen_open.jpg! Canon launches compact "full HD" camcorder | TG Daily. It is literally raining HD camcorders now. Both Sony and Canon have come out with new small camcorders that record in 1040i. How cool is that. The big debate is whether or not the Canon is 1080i or 1080p. I'm betting 1080i.

Following Sony's HDR-UX1 and HDR-SR1 mini-camcorders, Canon announced its first compact high-definition camcorder. The HV10 will be available beginning in September and carry a suggested retail price of $1300.

The new camcorder weighs less than a pound and has image stabilization. Sony actually fired the first volley last week with two 1080i small consumer camcorders. make me wish I had not gotten the older SR1 just a month ago. And they shoot 4 megapixel stills too, so really you only need one device now for many folks

bq. Sony introduced two camcorders that are capable of recording 1080i resolution video to miniature DVDs: Both the HDR-UX1 and HDR-SR1 models support 1920 by 1080 pixels (interlaced) and Dolby 5.1 surround sound using the new AVCHD codec (Advanced Video Codec High Definition). The UX1 model uses a 3" DVD discs, while the SR1 version writes to a built-in 30 GB hard drive. Both camcorders will be available later this year: The HDR-UX1 is expected to carry a suggested retail price of about $1400 and be available in September; the HDR-SR1 will cost $1500 and hit store shelves October.

By the way, I would certainly say you want the 30GB drive if you can afford it, those little 3" DVDs just don't hold any length of video.