Now that Musicmatch has really broken on my machines (Yahoo bought it and it isn’t supported much anymore), I really need to find a good tagger. Musicmatch is still my favorite because it has very easy Album finding and also it lets you rename files from tags automatically and put in tags based on filenames. So the search goes on. I tried DBpoweramp tagger, but it doesn’t have these features. Neither does Windows Media Player nor iTunes, so now I’m trying “MP3Tag”:

MP3Tag is shareware and does this magical file to tag and vice versa. It doesn’t have a cover art finder, but I head iTunes 7.0 now has this.

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  1. yes itunes will find album art for mainstream albums. also if you let it, itunes will manage track names for you — it will automatically jam track numbers onto the names. this may or may not be what you want.

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