CDBurnerXP Pro

Nero 6.6 leaves all kinds of video directshow filters that really screw up my machine, so back to finding a simple program that just does burning, like the old Nero 5.5 but is free. I can’t use Nero 5.5 because it doesn’t recognize my newer Benq 1640, but does find our old Ricoh 5125

“CDBurnerXP Pro”: is one that I’ve heard good things about, but when I tried it, it crashed when trying to erase a DVD. I also noticed all the copyrights are 2004, so don’t know how up to date it is.

When I google:”dvd burning freeware”, the top pick was “ImgBurn”: but this really need a full .iso image file whereas out of DVD-Lab, I just get a bunch of files. I really want something that takes a bunch of files and pushes them onto the disk.

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